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Alan Parker / John Cameron
Afro Rock

John Cameron has composed numerous film scores in his time, chief among them being Kes. Alan Parker is a virtuoso guitarist who has worked with cameron on a number of projects including songs by Donovan and the CCS version of 'Whole Lotta Love' which was used as the theme to Top Of The Pops in the ‘70s. On Afrorock they have fun mixing some funky African rhythms, fuzzy wah wah guitar an library music. It’s basically the best soundtrack to a ‘70s cop film that never was. On Be With.

Alan Parker
The Sound Of Soul

Originally released in 1976 as the instrumental accompaniment to Themes International's The Voice Of Soul, Alan Parker’s much-coveted record of library-soul now gets reissued by Be With Records. Original copies of The Sound Of Soul regularly fetch mega-money on the vinyl black market, so it’s a good job that this new edition comes in at a fraction of the price. Les Hurdle and Mike Moran - both members of the de-facto Themes International house band The Rhythm Section - also contribute a couple of numbers.

Alan Parker
One Summer

1983’s British TV show One Summer was blessed with a particularly interesting soundtrack produced by Alan Parker, whose session work saw him turning up on Kate Bush and David Bowie records. All sorts of sharp atmospheres here. The whole of his original score (the tracks are very short) is presented on this 7” on Finders Keepers.

Alan Parker & Madeline Bell
The Voice Of Soul

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Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw
Black Pearl

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Madeline Bell / Alan Parker
That's What Friends Are For

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