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NYZ Vinyl, CD & tapes by NYZ at Norman Records

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Earth / Water / Fire / Metal / Wood Cell Meditations

Released on Brian Grainger's (Milieu, Coppice Halifax) Psøma Psi Phi imprint, this is a discounted "bundle" deal set of all five instalments in the epic five-part series of synthesizer drone works. These pieces are designed for meditation by Noyzelab AKA David Burraston (NYZ, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko) who has previously released on The Death of Rave, Cataclyst, meds, The Tapeworm, Feral Tapes, Computer Club, Fractal Meat Cuts, Entr'acte, Ge-stell, Conditional, FLUF, Gamma Mine etc. 

Wood Cell Meditations

Noyzelab is the sound outlet of David Burraston, a man who knows his stuff when it comes to advanced sonic arts (he’s got a PhD y’know). Wood Cell Meditations is part of a series of works that use fancy resources to create massive pulsating drone masses, designed specifically for mind-warping meditations. Three CDs-worth of them are presented here for you. Heavy.

Metal Cell Meditations

How often do we really take the time to ponder the universe and its infinite meaninglessness? Dave Burraston, also known as Noyzelab/Dave Noyze, invites us to sit down and do just that. The Metal Cell Meditations comes on 3 CD-R with different cuts of the same crushing saw-tooth synthesizer drone, so you can use it for both your 3-minute morning meditation and your ayahuasca ceremony.

Fire Cell Meditations

Newest release by David Burraston under his Noyzelab moniker. The label advertises this as background music for your yoga classes, although we feel it might induce some downward-dogged panic attacks with its deep and dissociative saw-tooth drones. This CD-R set contains Fire Cell Meditations of different lengths, so it suits all your different meditation purposes.

Water Cell Meditations

Less threatening and more immersive than the Fire Cell Meditations, David Burraston’s Water Cell Meditations is meant to help you with your transcendental meditations, or serve as background music for your yoga class. With different lengths of drone on 3 CD-Rs, Noyzelab's latest effort is a weird psychedelic and dissociative trip, with binaural beeps that sound like they're continuously accelerating. Not a must-have for everybody, but definitely for somebody.

Earth Cell Meditations

Released on Brian Grainger's (Milieu, Coppice Halifax) Psøma Psi Phi imprint, 'Earth Cell Meditations' is the first in an epic five-part series of synthesizer drone works designed for meditation by Noyzelab AKA David Burraston (NYZ, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko) who has previously released on The Death of Rave, Cataclyst, meds, The Tapeworm, Feral Tapes, Computer Club, Fractal Meat Cuts, Entr'acte, Ge-stell, Conditional, FLUF, Gamma Mine etc. 


NYZ hits the vinyl for the first time! This project brings algorithms into the game, with Dave Burraston’s so-called ‘MANIAC cellular automata sequencer’ spitting out generative sounds to twist our synapses. SHFTR FRQ features fourteen quick-fire blasts, while the whole B-side is made up of one deep drone stretch. True computer music, on The Death Of Rave.
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More generative wild behaviour from the NYZ project, in which Dave Burraston builds up the systems and then lets them run wild all by themselves. CSR SHAPERZ has nine shorter tracks (some very short) and two hefty epics, and listening to the whole lot makes you feel like part of a tangled network of circuits yourself. CD on Ge-stell.


Very talented man David Burraston, aka NYZ, returns to Psøma Psi Phi for DSP TRX, a four hour rager. This is music for fans of: not quite knowing what's going on, being overwhelmed by the enormity of things, and staring at waterfalls. Comes on four CDs, with disk four being a cute little 3"er.


Synth-led polymath David Burraston—a.k.a. Noyzelab—is back with an ultra-limited 2CD-R edition of what was initially a cassette release on Brian Grainger's (Coppice Halifax, Milieu etc.) Psøma Psi Phi imprint. The label love the man and his work so much they've given him his own release series. 'TTMSubtree', the first of the series, is a 90-minute work that shifts between otherworldly drone and soft, ethereal atmospherics. Think beautiful decay, in the most glorious way. 


NYZ is veritable polymath David Burraston who is an artist, musician, synthesist AND someone who's interviewed Aphex Twin. RLD GLD ET AL  is a selection of previously unheard generative music made using systems built by Burraston. Experimental music as John Cage intended.


NYZ—a.k.a. David Burraston—is back with 'PPLZ SYNF', a gargantuan 3.5-hour record that dives into a deep well of drone synthesis to hypnotic effect. It's as close to a work of art as a record can get, built with Burraston's passion project, a self-build of the Serge CGS Paperface analogue synth. Moody and epic. 


NYZ aka Noyzelab mastermind and Aphex Twin pal David Burraston with another dose of head-scratching, logic-defying synthesis. Past releases from the mad scientist have seen him delve deep into forgotten gear and arcane processes, emerging with sonic oddities that inspire baffled cries of “how?” and sometimes “why?”. This Tapeworm cassette promises more puzzling thrills, limited to 100 copies that won’t hang around for long.

ALG 118B

Check out the tracklisting of NYZ’s ALG 118B and you might get a flavour of the unhinged synthesis going on here. Although it isn’t all super-abstractions: some tracks heavily sample old British films (sounds like it anyway), and things slip in and out of rhythmic regularity. A wild good time for the open minds. Cassette tape on Computer Club, edition of 100.


Following sold out releases from Seaes (aka Dalglish), WANDA GROUP and Noyzelab - the .meds label returns with its second cassette release from David Burraston (aka Noyzelab, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko). On this occasion debuting his NYZ alias with 'DRN4' - a synapse frazzling document of this singular artist's explorations in FM synthesis and Microtonal drones. Initially DRN4's areas of research and creative process was classified to internal Noyzelab operations. Not even .meds were informed of the secret processes underlying its creation. However Matrixsynth recently published the fascinating NYZ - DRN4 DECLASSIFIED feature complete with eye-popping studio photos. TRACKS: 1. NYZ_FMMGKSQ_43t2. ISR_16x16_WCM3. CSN [excerpt 2 mono]4. SWI_r170_16x32x32_B5. SWI_FM1#166. NYZ-1_1#08_A [finite downsized]7. CSN1 [excerpt 1 mono] According to one reviewer of David's previous musical output he "gleefully disrupts just about every standard convention of musical form you could think of, including those of so-called experimental musics." Other reviewers have written that "His music is a bizarre, yet compelling journey investigating the outer realms of music generated on ancient & contemporary machines." "It's strikingly original audio that doesn't really sound like anything else I can think of." "Utterly sublime. So there you go, a life-affirming slab of mind-altering sound to reawaken you to the terrifying possibilities of creation." "absolutely wreaks havoc" wrote Keith Fullerton Whitman on reviewing David's last release (T. H. Cycle cassette on Important Records/Cassauna). - Mastered by David Burraston at Noyzelab- Design by Tom Knapp- Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies- 90 minute cassette, pro-duplicated on Nakamichi and Tascam machines - Comes with download code card for digital download in a choice of MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats BIO: David Burraston is an award winning artist/scientist working in the areas of technology and electronic music since the late 1970s. His experimental arts practice encompasses field recording, landscape-scale sound art, chaos/complexity, sound synthesis and electronic music. He performs, lectures, conducts workshops and creates art installations in Regional NSW and around the world. David also designs and builds sound synthesizers based on his theories of chaos/complexity science. He has previously released his highly original form of experimental research music on numerous cult labels such as ALKU (in collaboration with RUSSELL HASWELL), IMPORTANT RECORDS/CASSAUNA, TAIGA, .MEDS, CATACLYST, ENGRAVED GLASS, TOCHNIT ALEPH, BETA BODEGA COALITION, SEVCOM EDITION and featured in THE WIRE MAGAZINE 'Below The Radar' series. He has worked with many diverse collaborators such as Aphex Twin, William Barton, Alan Lamb, Chris Watson, Russell Haswell, Robin Fox, Oren Ambarchi, Garry Bradbury (Severed Heads), MIT Media Lab and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In 2014 he independently published the legendary ‘SYROBONKERS!', the most technical and in-depth interview ever given by Aphex Twin. David had an innovative role in the foremost UK telco’s R&D laboratory in diverse areas such as Artificial Life, Chaos and Complex Systems, Spatial Audio, Virtual Reality and Data Visualisation. His 2006 PhD thesis (Generative Music & Cellular Automata) developed and applied fundamental new concepts, arising out of generative music practice, to a key problem in complex systems. This has served as a foundation methodology for creative practice and complex systems research. His current work is aimed at tackling more key questions in complex systems from a creative practice perspective, drawing inspiration from natural and artificial complex systems. These key questions address the definition of randomness, structure and high level descriptions of information processing in complex systems. David is a founding member of the Electronic Music Foundation Institute (www.emf.org). He was part of the team that designed and built long wire installations at The WIRED Lab and is a member of the Board of Directors (www.wiredlab.org). He has been operating Noyzelab as an independant art/science music studio since 1981 (www.noyzelab.com) and to the surprise of many is even on twitter @noyzelab