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More unique man/machine mayhem from NYZ aka David Burraston, whose release schedule is admirably relentless at the moment. At the current rate he’ll be catching up with old Merzbow before we know it -- ‘CSR SHAPERZ’ is his eleventh release under this particular alias alone, and there’s also a NYZ tape imminent on Conditio...view item »


Conditional unleash this beautifully wild and playful tape from David Burraston aka NYZ. Here he harnesses the spectrum splitting potential of John Chowning’s FM synthesis to birth and animate ludicrously cute and cuddly synthetic creatures that come to life before our very ears. What even are these little mutant alien lifeforms? Where is ...view item »


Very talented man David Burraston, aka NYZ, returns to Psøma Psi Phi for DSP TRX, a four hour rager. This is music for fans of: not quite knowing what's going on, being overwhelmed by the enormity of things, and staring at waterfalls. Comes on four CDs, with disk four ...view item »


Synth-led polymath David Burraston—a.k.a. Noyzelab—is back with an ultra-limited 2CD-R edition of what was initially a cassette release on Brian Grainger's (Coppice Halifax, Milieu etc.) Psøma Psi Phi imprint. The label love the man and his work so much they've given him his own release series. 'TTMSubtree', t...view item »


NYZ is veritable polymath David Burraston who is an artist, musician, synthesist AND someone who's interviewed Aphex Twin. RLD GLD ET AL  is a selection of previously unheard generative music made using systems built by Burraston. Experimental music as John ...view item »


NYZ—a.k.a. David Burraston—is back with 'PPLZ SYNF', a gargantuan 3.5-hour record that dives into a deep well of drone synthesis to hypnotic effect. It's as close to a work of art as a record can get, built with Burraston's passion project, a self-build of the Serge CGS Paperface analogue synth. Moody and epic. ...view item »


NYZ aka Noyzelab mastermind and Aphex Twin pal David Burraston with another dose of head-scratching, logic-defying synthesis. Past releases from the mad scientist have seen him delve deep into forgotten gear and arcane processes, emerging with sonic oddities that inspi...view item »


David Burraston’s (Dave Noyze / Noyzelab / Bryen Telko) release schedule has gathered momentum and accelerated through 2016 with a slew of cassette releases on .meds, ...view item »

Bryen Telko
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UK underground cassette imprint Feral Tapes (responsible for output from Ekoplekz, Aqua Dentata, Skeksi, Spolis & Relics, CHXFX, Roro Perrot, Hacker Farm etc.) serve up a fas...view item »

ALG 118B

Check out the tracklisting of NYZ’s ALG 118B and you might get a flavour of the unhinged synthesis going on here. Although it isn’t all super-abstractions: some tracks heavily sample old British films (sounds like it anyway), and things slip in and out of rhythmic regularity. A wild good time for the open mi...view item »


Following sold out releases from Seaes (aka Dalglish), WANDA GROUP and Noyzelab - the .meds label returns with its second cassette release from David Burraston (aka Noyzelab, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko). On this occasion debuting his NYZ alias with 'DRN4' - a synapse frazzling document of this singular artist's explorations in FM synthesis and...view item »