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Suso Saiz Vinyl, CD & tapes by Suso Saiz at Norman Records

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Suso Saiz
Nothing Is Objective

The Suso Saiz-Music From Memory link bears more fruit. After 2017’s Rainworks, the Odisea compilation and an LP from Saiz’s group Orquesta De Las Nubes, Saiz delivers another full-length for the label in the form of Nothing Is Objective. This is a gorgeous set of Balearic-influenced ambient electronics, one that slots neatly into a Music From Memory catalogue that also includes releases by Dip In The Pool and Jonny Nash.

Justo Bagüeste & Suso Saiz
Inducing The Pleasure Dreams V2

Inducing The Pleasure Dreams is an album with high aims: it wishes to bring the listener into a dream state, but only in a good way. Justo Bagueste and Suso Saiz were asked to perform the 1995 original album in 2016, but chose instead to create something new within the same mindspace, with a few samples supporting a suite of fresh meditation. V2 is released by Geometrik.

Orquesta De Las Nubes
The Order Of Change

The Music From Memory label continue their unearthing of spanish musician Suso Saiz, after releasing Rainworks in 2017, they look into one of his groups, Orquesta de las Nubes. The Order Of Change is a compilation of their experimental and minimalist ambient/world sound with tracks taken from their releases ‘83-’87 and their compilation in 1993.
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Suso Saiz

Having not released anything since 2008, Music From Memory released a compilation of Spanish ambient electronica producer and composer Suso Saiz. Known for his work with Orquesta de las Nubes and Música Esporádica as well as recording with Steve Reich, he has returned with a full length. Stunning, near abstract, and minimal in the most maximal of senses. Want glorious electroacoustic drones? Come here.

Suso Saiz

Odisea is a retrospective compilation that looks back on the solo works of Spanish electronicist Suso Sáiz, known for his work with Orquesta de las Nubes and Música Esporádica. Taking in rare early works as well as newer and unreleased material, these 2 LPs encompass a remarkably creative career. On Music From Memory.