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Kate Carr
the thing itself and not the myth

More greatness from Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples imprint. Kate Carr presents the thing itself and not the myth, a record that collects sea / water / shoreline recordings and assembles them into something special and mysterious. Involves field recordings, but also morse code, radio fuzz, and sounds played through a speaker in water! Oooooh.

Kate Carr
I Ended Out Moving To Brixton

The sounds associated with a place can reveal much about the space we are in, and about ourselves. We are continually, inextricably linked to the sounds and ambience around us. With this premise, Kate Carr has recorded a work incorporating the soundscapes of the area in which she dwells, namely the streets of Brixton, South London. A release dedicated to the people and communities of this urban district. I Ended Out Moving To Brixton is a single 40-minute piece, released on her own Flaming Pines label, in 4-panel digipak packaging.

Kate Carr
From A Wind Turbine To Vultures (And Back)

Kate Carr's audio survey of a mountain in Velez Blanco, in Southern Spain, saw her climbing the heights every day for two weeks. This investigation offers a magical and subtle window to the environment, atmospheric sound mixing with ghostly drones and textures, and is presented as a tape on Flaming Pines.

Kate Carr
The Story Surrounds Us

Mapless electroacoustic drone label Helen Scarsdale releases another tape by sound excavator Kate Carr, whose recent output has offered a stunning collation of postcard sonics and deep sunken ambient. Her latest tape for the label, The Story Surrounds Us, is another submerged opus of song and setting, with guitars, pianos and other melodic elements meeting environments that move like instruments themselves.

Kate Carr

Sound artist Kate Carr describes her work Fabulations as "a soundtrack for made up stories set in out of the way places" -- her excursions feel like someone delivering you an unsent postcard by hand, coming across as extremely personal excavations of particular places. A field recording artist who plays both with the richness of found sound and the chance music of people in landscapes, her music can be both descriptive and emotive -- this CD sees a repress via Soft.

Kate Carr
I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring

Kate Carr is an accomplished field recordist, and the enticingly-titled I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring is what she extracted from the surroundings of the desolate French town of Marnay, which comprise a flooded river and a power plant. She sets of the resulting mixtures of electro-hum and water-drip with careful melodic tones and even guitar. A good and involving listen on Rivertones.