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Rising EP

Rising is the third and final EP in a trilogy by D.K. this EP sees D.K. in a darker mood than the previous two EPs. D.K. neatly ties strangling motifs from the trilogy together. There are battle songs here that would soundtrack the stylised fight scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or The Matrix and a closing track that balances melancholy and euphoria perfectly. 12” EP on Antnote.

Riding For A Fall

Riding For A Fall is the second D.K. release on Antinote in quick succession. This EP picks up where March’s Mystic Warrior left off. ‘Voices’ and ‘Shoubuari (Battle)’ are both high-energy deep house tracks that incorporate Balearic pads and arpeggio-melodies. The effect is of a Music From Memory drop played slightly too fast. Riding For A Fall rounds out with its title track, a slow and dubby delight that now sounds like a Music From Memory drop played slightly too slow.

Mystic Warrior EP

The long and fruitful relationship between Antinote (Toulouse Low Trax, Succhiamo) and Parisian producer D.K. continues. As with D.K.’s previous work the Mystic Warrior EP shows off a particularly atmospheric brand of Balearic house. Numbers like ‘Elements’ could just as easily have dropped via Safe Trip or Second Circle.

Distant Images

Antinote’s resident house music romancer D.K. is back with a new five track EP that furthers his smooth and sexy drift into 80s tinged splendour, where the island breeze is gentle and the sun sets slow. This is fantasy music for true dreamers, with synth voices that ring out clear and true to tug at the heartstrings and ping you into an opulent linen-suit fantasy all at once.
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Mystery Dub EP

The Music From Memory sub-label Second Circle releases some of the most charming post-Balearic records. Following winners from the likes of Dazion and Androo, they’ve struck gold again with this four-track by D.K.. 75% of the music on this EP is pitched somewhere between blissful deep house, kwaito and the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack. Closer ‘Wise Bird’ strips out the beat to leave something that sounds like it was commissioned for a yet-to-see-the-light-of-day Attenborough documentary.

D.K. / S.K.
D.K. / S.K.

Jonny Nash’s Melody As Truth label is the perfect home for this luxuriant trip through sophisticated ambience from certified smooth operators D.K. and Suzanne Kraft. The honey-coated tones oozing out of the six tracks on this EP land somewhere between tender Balearic introspection and 80s synth-noir soundscapes, like Michael Mann directing a Mediterranean beach holiday.

Island of Dreams

D.K. has always been a producer of electronic music with a nostalgic, beloved 1980’s video games twist, and Island Of Dreams is certainly no exception. The difference is that the producer allows himself to leave danceability out of the equation for this set, focusing entirely on the sun-drenched digital atmospheres. LP release on Antinote.