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The Jazz Butcher
In Bath Of Bacon

Well what would you expect from an act called The Jazz Butcher and an album called Bath Of Bacon? This record serves up a portion of playful (and only occasionally jazzy) vignettes with surrealistic lyrics and intriguing instrumental accompaniments. Its an alternative cult classic though, and this 1983 treasure is now reissued on vinyl by Fire!

The Jazz Butcher
The Violent Years

The Jazz Butcher were formed in 1982 by Pat Fish. After making four albums for the Glass label, they signed to Creation, which is where The Violent Years begins. The 4 CD set, presented in a 20-page hardback book, collects together their first four albums for Creation: Fishcotheque, Big Planet, Scarey (sic) Planet, Cult of the Basement and Condition Blue. It sees their sound evolve from Weather Prophets style indie-rock to jazz-inflected pop.

The Jazz Butcher
The Wasted Years

The Jazz Butcher was an indie band born in the 80’s, and here we have their fantastic earliest albums, as released for the Glass label. That’ll be Bath Of Bacon, A Scandal In Bohemia, Sex And Travel and Distressed Gentlefolk then, all gathered together in their strange idiosyncratic glory, and remastered too. 4CD hardback book package on Fire.

The Jazz Butcher
Last Of The Gentlemen Adventurers

Celebrating the 30th birthday of this long running British indie collective, this begins a series of re-issues from their long and varied back catalogue. Led by the wonderfully monikered Pat Fish, the Jazz Butcher took elements of the Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett and took it in idiosyncratic, whimsical directions. As well as Pat there's some future big names on here including super producer Richard Formby and Spacemen 3 legend Sonic Boom.