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Jim Ghedi
In The Furrows Of Common Place

Prior to the pandemic, Jim Ghedi has been known as a guitarist - and a good one at that. However, the absolutely state of things has meant that he has used his voice for the first time on 'In The Furrows Of Common Place'. The album delves deep into folklore and history to corroborate things from the past into the current situation. The result is a more personal album of rootsy folk songcraft that takes a look at society in these unprecedented times. 

Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay
The Hawksworth Grove Sessions

For those of you who don't recognise a Leeds road sign when you see one, this album was recorded in Leeds, a mere 40 minutes bus ride along River Aire from Norman Towers. Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay are both virtuoso acoustic guitarists, who together push the limits of British folk musics. The Hawksworth Grove Sessions is utterly overwhelming when at full swing.
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Jim Ghedi
A Hymn For Ancient Land

A Hymn For Ancient Land is Jim Ghedi’s second full length LP and sees his sparse, ethereal folk instrumentation made fuller and bolder through the inclusion of orchestral elements. Having travelled around the British Isles, Ghedi’s music is inspired by the sights and sounds he encountered and named after those places; Home for Moss Valley, Cwm Elan, Bramley Moor exc. The result is an enthralling expanse of folk music which shimmers between an ancient, haunting tradition and a modern ambience.  
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Jim Ghedi
Home is Where I Exist, Now to Live and Die

Solo guitarist Jim Ghedi built up the material for Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live And Die while travelling through Northern Europe, and the restlessness and the exposure to different lives that travel brings is all audibly present here on this record. Ghedi’s traditional folk sensibility plus influences from Eastern Europe and beyond equal a captivating set of pieces. On Cambrian Records.
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