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Univers Zero
Ceux Du Dehors

Ceux Du Dehors was the third album by Belgian prog band Univers Zero. The album is heavily influenced by American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, whose short story, The Outsider (Ceux Du Dehors translates as Those From Outside) was read by each band member immediately before recording the album. The band’s sound has been likened to a darker version of that produced by classical minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Limited edition clear/red vinyl LP on Sub Rosa.

Univers Zero

The whole record reminds me of a dream I once had about 1800’s London: dark, smokey and avant-garde. Univers Zero’s album Heresie was originally released in 1979, but was reissued not so long ago in 2010. A medley of woodwind, brass and percussion brings the record together so nicely. Available on limited edition orange vinyl LP.

Univers Zero
Univers Zero

The first album from adventurous 70’s Belgians Univers Zero. It’s a remarkable thing, laden with sinister bassoon, jagged time signatures and all round dissonance. But the band play with great technical skill: you know that this is precisely as strange a listening experience as they wanted it to be. Reissued as a double LP (with a bonus track!) on Sub Rosa.