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Throw Down Bones

When you get a Fuzz Club release in you usually expect it contain a dose of long-haired psych-rock freakiness. So it’s quite a surprise when, instead of that, you find yourself dealing with the screeching industrialism of Throw Down Bones. Two is the sort of thing you more readily associate with a label like Posh Isolation, so kudos to the Fuzz Club gang for taking a punt on this one. It’s good, too. Fuck Buttons fans should pay attention.
  • Vinyl LP (FC101V12LP)
  • Indies-only

Throw Down Bones
Throw Down Bones

Throw Down Bones are a fresh new coldwave duo with a harsh industrial edge to them, and this self-titled record is their debut full-length. It isn’t only cold synthesisers they use however: there is a notable bass guitar heft to the sound, and you sure can shuffle to this. CD and vinyl on Fuzz Club.
  • CD (FC32CD)