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Wolfmanhattan Project
Blue Gene Stew

The Wolfmanhattan Project is a nice little noise-rocky effort. After releasing a first single in 2015, the band’s finally pulled themselves together for their debut album Blue Gene Stew. I guess it must be difficult to find time to record if your members are also playing with Sonic Youth, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Gories.

Wolfmanhattan Project
Smells Like You / You Are My Glue

The Wolfmanhattan Project are a merry band of old-time fuzz-punk rockers, newly formed from Bob Bert, Mick Collins and the legendary Kid Congo. Smells Like You / You Are My Glue is their first ever release, and has a fantastic tone to it, the three of them swagger-thrashing their way through the tracks. 7” on In The Red.
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