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Erase Errata
Lost Weekend

Erase Errata emerge from old distro lists of the noughties to be a going concern again with new album Lost Weekend. These rad girls got the band back together recently to work out some more of their Minutemen-inspired jams. They are self-releasing these new recordings on their own Under ...view item »

Erase Errata

It's the 3rd full lengther from ERASE ERRATA & dare I say it, their best so far. Now trimmed to a 3 piece, this intense, angular & hugely vibrant band has thrilled me countless times in the last few weeks with 'Nightlife' the best record Sleater-Kinney never quite got round to recording. It's whip crackingly dynamic ge...view item »

Erase Errata/ Numbers

Well well well, here's something new on Tigerbeat 6. Its a split 3" CD one half is by Numbers who do a kind of lo-fi Devo DIY punky agit pop, sadly without a hint of melodic invention. Sounds like it was recorded in a flask. Erase Errata sound like more of the same. Jerky, ang...view item »

Erase Errata
Clear Spot/ Pass The Crimson

On Tomlab alphabet series we are up to U this time with guests Erase Errata covering Captain Beefheart stomping rocker Clear spot. Gutsy girl rock in the style of PJ Harvey or the like . B-sides pass the crimson is a meandering breathy wig out like the Velvet Underground or someone else. (This completely rules 100%... Life doesn't get much better t...view item »

Erase Errata
At Crystal Palace

New one by The Slits.....sorry....Erase Errata. Well their last one was a cracker and this one is more of the same  - crazy time changes, Beefheartian guitar plucking, lolloping rhythms, noise  and yes the ghost of The Slits even down to the slightly German sounding vocals. At Crysta...view item »