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33 / 45

nonkeen extract 2 tracks from their recent full-length The Gamble, and serve them up with the instruction to play them back at either 33 or 45 rpm: it’s up to you. So 33 / 45 effectively gives you 4 tracks of experimental electronic groove for the price of 2! Only available as a 12” vinyl single on R&S, with artwork from Klaus Frahm.

Oddments Of The Gamble

It’s impossible to get Nils Frahm to sit still. If he’s not recording a solo album on the world’s biggest piano, he’s together with childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sepp Singwald making lush and spacious ambient rock as nonkeen. Having recorded so many good songs they couldn’t fit them on one album, the trio decided to release two. The gods of coin-flipping favored the Gamble, but now the other tracks are available as well. Here are the Oddments Of The Gamble.

The Gamble

School friends Nils Frahm and Frederic Gmeiner met Sebastian Singwald when he attended their school in Hamburg for a fortnight in ‘89. Whilst the musical bond was instant, disaster intervened at a fairground gig when seats from a roundabout broke throwing two people onto the stage. They decided never to play together again. Some years later, the trio began to play again and Nonkeen were born, The Gamble is their debut album. Frahm says that it is the album he is most proud of. The vinyl version contains an exclusive track, For Voice.