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Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli & Massimo Morante
Tenebre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Tenebre is one of the many Dario Argento masterpieces in the Italian film directors cannon. His films were usually set to the music of Italian prog band Goblin but they had disbanded by 1982 when this film was made. He did, however, convince Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli & Massimo Morante, formerly of the band, to record the score - a mindblowing disco-prog workout.
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  • Claudio Simonetti

Claudio Simonetti's Goblin
Dawn Of The Dead

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin is a resurrection of Goblin by founding member Simonetti who composed many soundtracks to cult horror films including Deep Red, Suspiria, and George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. Here is a 40 year anniversary re-release, with the full score as well as live versions and remixes/covers from Autogeddon, kETvECTOR, and Daemonia. Limited LP or CD on Rustblade.
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  • Claudio Simonetti

Squadro Antigangsters

Yet another reissue of the Roman hucksters Goblin here (they who did the soundtrack for the original Dawn Of The Dead film). This one is of some music  they came up with for a 1979 flick entitled Squadra Antigangsters - which, if the press release is to be believed, is kind of like an Italian version of The Naked Gun. The score is a predictably wacky affair, with several American musical styles - Country & Western, rockabilly - screwballed through a foreign lens.
  • Artist(s):
  • Claudio Simonetti
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  • BTF

Claudio Simonetti
The New Barbarians

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