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Haruomi Hosono
Hosono House

The Haruomi Hosono reissue train rolls on with a new pressing of his 1973 debut solo LP courtesy of Light In The Attic. For Hosono House the Yellow Magic Orchestra...view item »

Haruomi Hosono

Haruomi Hosono, reissued here to the joy of all! Paraiso is the last album of Hosono’s so-called Tropical Trilogy, three albums that deliver on their sunny, juicy, groovy tropical promise. This is the first time that this beautiful material has ever been reissued to vinyl outside of Japan...view item »

Haruomi Hosono
omni Sight Seeing

Haruomi Hosono, reissued here to the joy of all! Omni Sight Seeing was recorded in 1989, during a period where Hosono’s Yellow Magic Orchestra was taking a break. Never one to rest on his laurels, Haruomi spent this time making this beautiful international pop rec...view item »

Haruomi Hosono

Haruomi Hosono, founder of the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra gets his abstract juices flowing with this exciting avant-garde reissue. Originally released in 1982, Philharmony is a jaunty journey through pop, synth workouts and blissful experimental wonder. Reissued in fine style by Light In The Attic....view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra
YMO USA & Yellow Magic Orchestra

The legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra’s classic debut album is available on vinyl again! A major synth-pop progenitor here: influential enough to be up there with Kraftwerk. Includes the well known single ‘Firecracker’. A significant (and very fun!) record, reissued on clear vinyl in an edition ...view item »

Ryuichi Sakamoto

‘async’ is the latest album by Ryuichi Sakamoto. This release shows us how far he has come and how far he is willing to go to break the boundaries of different sounds and textures. A fifteen-track masterpiece that brings together classical, neo-classical and orchestral music. Available on Vinyl Double LP and...view item »

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence was a 1983 film focused around prisoners of war in Japan, which starred David Bowie. Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack garnered a fair amount more attention than the film itself, winning a BAFTA, which is fair enough with it’s incredibly unique instrumentation and d...view item »

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Thousand Knives / Plastic Bamboo

Ryuichi Sakamoto: the Japanese musician known for his masterful film soundtracks, his delicate piano music and his Yellow Magic Orchestra alike. Here we get yet another side of Sakamoto’s skills, with a pair of wild and funky electronic pop tunes from the 80’s, originally released on...view item »

Ryuichi Sakamoto - performed by Brussels Philharmonic and conducted by Dirk Brossé
Music for Film

Ryuichi Sakamoto has a hell of a repertoire when it comes to film soundtracks, so it is only right and proper that he was honoured by the Brussels Philharmonic at the World Soundtrack Awards this year. This suite of Sakamoto’s finest accompaniments stretches from the classic ‘Merry C...view item »

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Nagasaki: Memories Of My Son

Ryuichi Sakamoto should be familiar to fans of several different strands of sound, having done crucial work as part of Yellow Magic Orchestra, some explorative collaborations with Fennesz, and many years of sensitive film soundtrack work. This most recent release falls into the latter camp, bein...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra

The sound of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Technodelic should really be obvious from the title. The fifth album from these synth-pop experimenters is now remembered for its radical, and extremely early, use of sampling. This makes the record more minimal, but their TR-808 drum machine and new wave charm are still present.  ...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra

BGM is the extremely influential 1981 release from Japanese synth-pop eccentrics Yellow Magic Orchestra. Ryuichi Sakamoto’s gurgling synthesizers mesh with motorik drum machines and the catchiest melodies you have ever heard. This reissue from Music on Vinyl...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Public Pressure

Public Pressure was electronic innovators, Yellow Magic Orchestra’s first live album. The music is taken from several concerts and see the band jamming in a loose and relaxed style. Akiko Yano joined the band at this stage adding her sublime vocal talents. Yellow Magic Orchestra are at their best ...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra
X∞ Multiplies

X∞ Multiples sees Yellow Magic Orchestra dropping their serious persona to have a bit of a laugh. Electronic songs and instrumentals are interspersed with comic sketches. There is also a humourous take on Archie Drell & The Bells soul classic Tighten Up. Transparent 180g vinyl, limite...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Solid State Survivor

The legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra’s classic second album Solid State Survivor is available on vinyl again! A major synth-pop progenitor here: so influential that even if you’ve not heard it directly, you’ve probably heard something that covers or samples it. ...view item »