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Rian Treanor

First full-length album from young producer Rian Treanor. ATAXIA is accordingly a tighter and more rigorously organised set of tracks, with intense rhythmic structures and precisely calibrated synthesis. But in case that sounds alienating, fear not, because Treanor’s sound leaves plenty of room for the dance as well as the home listening environment. On Planet Mu.

Rian Treanor
A Rational Tangle

He’s well-known to us now of course, but let's look and listen back to Rian Treanor’s 2015 debut, the sharp A Rational Tangle EP on The Death of Rave. Four cuts of jagged synthetic shapes, showcasing the family instinct for rhythmic and textural complexity that somehow still comes together as a joy to hear. White label 12”, just about still available at time of writing!

Rian Treanor

Rian Treanor returns to The Death Of Rave (Kareem, Merzbow) with a white-label of edits. The source material here is not your typical party-starting fare - Pakistani film music, cheesy 80s pop and 90’s Eurodance all make an appearance on RAVEDIT - but Treanor manages turn it out here. The first three are hyperactive rave jams that sit somewhere between Jam City, 90’s hardcore and juke, while the record closes out with a fourteen-minute slow-burner.

Rian Treanor
Contraposition EP

Warp Records hereby bring back their Arcola sub-label, which has lain dormant for over a decade. The focus of Arcola was always the more abstracted end of dance music, so Rian Treanor is the perfect candidate to get things moving again. Contraposition is a four-track set of pulsating technoid creatures, ferociously rhythmic and full of interesting angles. 12” EP.
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