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Judy Dyble
Earth Is Sleeping

Folk-rock singer and songwriter Judy Dyble is set to return with a new solo album, Earth Is Sleeping -- following hard on the heels of her work with Andy Lewis, last year's ‘Summer Dancing’. Former (pre-Sandy Denny) Fairport Convention vocalist Judy has garnered much critical acclaim with her own woven strands of English psychedelia, gaining noteworthy National Radio attention. The new record is an ideal showcase for her influences who include Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Phil Ochs.
  • CD (AJXCD447)

Judy Dyble
Anthology: Part One

Judy Dyble’s comprehensive triple-CD collection Gathering The Threads is an in-depth tour of the work of a remarkable folk-rock artist. Anthology: Part One now transplants the first disc of that compilation to vinyl: the first time on the medium for many of these rare tracks. Limited to 1000 linen-sleeved copies on Earth Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (EARTHLP008)
  • Limited edition

Judy Dyble & Andy Lewis
Summer Dancing

Once she led the Fairport Convention with her folksy vocal fanfare; now she's releasing a record with Andy Lewis who is in fact a weirdo DJ, which I assure you doesn't stop them from making a psychedelic folk record with twee odes and harmonica ragers. Summer Dancing leans into the highest gear of folk rock and goes after the enigmatic sound made in more driving Fairport tunes, with an almost cartoony vibe carrying the duo through their ode to British psychedelia. 
  • Vinyl LP (AJXLP416)
  • CD (AJXCD416)

The Conspirators (with Judy Dyble)
One Sure Thing

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