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Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds

They keep on coming.... Nothing for ages and suddely loads of great albums in one week. Enon are back!! I was obsessed by High Society by them. Such a great record... one of the best albums I've heard of the poppier end of alt rock genre. They're back with a new album called Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds on LP and CD. Those buying the vinyl format...view item »

Hocus Pocus

Enon are back with a whole brand new album. Now we all loved that last album to death and what is the new album like??? Well I'll tell you.... It's good... but not as good as the last one in my humble opinion. There's still shades of Blonde Redhead in there but their sound has changed a little towards a mor...view item »

Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence

Enon. A CD containing a compilation of their early stuff. This actually sounds nothing like the last record but it shares the willingness to experiment with spontaneous home recording techniques. This is is the sound of creative human beings being creative. Its much more lo-fi than their proper releases but I think that thi...view item »


Speaking of girl/ boy action or perhaps boy/ girl/ boy action may be more appropriate we have the new Enon 7"/CDs in now. This is why we like Enon..... cos they do songs like this!  It's got a cracking tuneful chorus which just melts you every time you hear it. This is how indie guitar music shoul...view item »

In This City

Enon have a new mini CD type thing out which veers towards a Garbagey type vibe but a good Garbage rather than a garbage one (so to speak). The main track is dead good and catchy. Theres a couple of mixes (including a great one by Deadverse) and a semi instrumental oddity. You also ...view item »


Enon have another single out this week, this time on the funky Troubleman imprint. 'Evidence/Grain of Assault is another 7" of down-tempo pop genius, more chilled than the stuff on the LP but compelling nonetheless. A sister release to the Drowning Appointments 7" on French Kiss...view item »

High Society

Enon- Save the best til last. Do you do that when you eat. Save the fave thing on the plate til the end?? Anyway we've been obsessing about this album for some time. It's absolutely brilliant. It's a lady from Blonde Redhead and her or one of the other fellows were or are in Brainiac and ...view item »

Marbles Explode

A terribly odd 7" has arrived on our shelves by Enon. I've no idea at all how to describe this at all. The only thing I can think of was if the Butthole Surfers were making records now then I think they'd sound like this. Electronic and noisy stuff all chucked into a brown tinged pot making...view item »

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