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I'm Terry

Hello Terry. Rather than a person (like Venables) Terry is in fact a band from Australia none of which (to my knowledge) are called Terry. According to the press release Terry romance the mundane but at the same time share ideals with Steely Dan and 10CC neither of which are mundane. They are meant to make you queasy.
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8 Girls

Terry contain four musicians with serious pedigree: members play in Total Control, Mick Harvey Band, School of Radiant Living, Russell Street Bombings and more besides). For Terry, they bring out an indie pop that is plenty of fun but takes no bullshit: 8 Girls is a patriarchy-crushing set of tunes. Edition of 400 copies of transparent 7” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 7" (UTR092)

Talk About Terry

Talk About Terry is the debut release from Terry, a band led by Al Monte of Total Control. Three short sharp tracks of indie pop, sung by the collective vocals of the whole band, as if they are trying to mould themselves together into an actual single entity, named Terry. Charming pencil sleeve art that captures the tone quite well. White 7” on Upset The Rhythm.
  • Vinyl 7" (UTR074)
  • Limited edition

Remember Terry

Terry are a four piece group out of Melbourne Australia. Some of them are in other bands including the brilliantly named Constant Mongrel. Together, Terry perform a shambling kind of indie pop  - the sort that get’s umpteen plays on Marc Riley and successfully tours the UK’s smaller halls. I like how they all sing together  - that’s nice. This is their second album.    
  • Vinyl LP (UTR097LP)
  • CD (UTR097CD)

8 Girls

Alumni of Total Control, Dick Diver, School Of Radiant Living and Mick Harvey Band make up Terry, and that list should assure you, without any doubt, that this will be high-grade indie pop-punk from people who know their business. 8 Girls doesn’t disappoint, being 2 simple tracks that have that loose and cool magic that you find in the best of this genre. 7” on Aarght! Records

Terry HQ

With the sad demise of Wogan there's room for another Terry in town. This Terry contain members of Total Control and make music which owes a lot to those scratchy post-punk types. They often sing all together in a kind of communal depressed football team style. For fans of early the Chills, Swell Maps, the Clean and the Go-Betweens I think.   
  • Vinyl LP (UTR084LP)
  • CD (UTR084)