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High Tides Vinyl, CD & tapes by High Tides at Norman Records

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High Tides
Paradise Daze

High Tides are a duo from Portland, Oregon who make what they describe as ‘rum dub and yacht rot’. What that seems to mean is very chilled, lo-mid-fi ‘80s-style synthy instrumentals imbued with the feeling of coastal breeze. Kinda like a much weirder, more subversive version of what Jan Hammer did circa Miami Vice. On Red Cult.
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  • High Tides

High Tides
High Tides

High Tides make beach music for a beach that has been extracted from a 1980’s VHS with the colour balance a little off: big synth haze and booming drum machines, occasionally down-pitching into a darkness. Turns out to be a pretty strong aesthetic. CD comes with ‘coconut-scented air freshener’ too!