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Normil Hawaiians
In The Stone / Where Is Living?

‘80s post-punk group Normil Hawaiins hadn’t released, or intended to release anything new since 1985. Upset The Rhythm reissued the band’s ‘lost’ album Return of the Ranters in 2015, prompting the band to reunite. In The Stone / Where is Living? Is their first recording for 35 years following a string of live performances that included support slots with Richard Dawson.
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Normil Hawaiians
What's Going On?

High-grade reissue of the 1983 album of Normil Hawaiians, who were not Hawaiian but were based within the vivid Brixton squat scene of the time. Operating in the grim depths of Thatcherism and following the suicide of a close associate of the band, Normil Hawaiians recorded this remarkable suite of unusual and highly-collaborative group music, which sadly sank without a trace as a consequence of label failings. But this reissue gives What’s Going On? the love it deserves, with lots of liner notes and seven bonus tracks, as well as a fine remastering job.

Normil Hawaiians
Return of The Ranters

Recorded in 1985, Normil Hawaiians’ third album Return Of The Ranters is quite an album. On the one hand it is a set of relatively conventional mid-80s post-punk political songs. But on the other hand, strange details and structures are packed in everywhere: strange violin loops, unidentified tones, and unrestrained improvisation. Significant reissue on Upset The Rhythm.

Normil Hawaiians
More Wealth Than Money

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