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Pavilion (aka Flørist)

Canadian-born,producer and DJ Logan Sturrock was a big noise on the Vancouver house and techno scene and the man behind Flørist. Now based in Germany, he’s taken on a new moniker for a new project, Pavillion. Optimist is his new 12”, released on his own label also called Pavillion.
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4 Letter Word

Canadian artist Flørist (aka Logan Sturrock) has just moved to... go on guess where.... Berlin ....joining the entirety of the electronic music community but also upping sticks from his homeland. To celebrate, he's grown a moustache and prepped his first-ever release on The Trilogy Tapes. What we have are four slabs of dark, dangerous, dubby and dreamy underground techno/house with some seriously percussive beats and gently sizzling f/x.

Phenomena EP

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The Birds Outside Sang

Florist began life as a way for Emily Sprague, Rick Spataro and Jonnie Baker to become friends by making noises with synths and guitars. As the trio grew close Florist became a more serious band, touring with Mutual Benefit and Told Slant. They were eventually joined on drums by Felix Walworth of Told Slant. The Birds Outside Sang began after Emily was knocked of her bicycle. Injured, her ability to play keyboards was limited, however, this limitation spawned the first half of the album with Emily making music on her own. The whole band reconvened to record the second half live. Available on coloured vinyl LP and CD on Double Double Whammy.

Neo Image / Florist / D Tiffany
Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 2

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