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Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror)

Will Toledo likes to confuse doesn't he? Here's the 2011 version of 'Twin Fantasy'; the first and original edition to the one he re-recorded in 2018 following the success of 'Teens of Denial'. This one's the more raw, lo-fi and immediate sounding of the two. Both are worth listening to if you're big into Car Seat Headrest however.
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Car Seat Headrest
Making A Door Less Open

Making A Door Less Open is a convoluted way of saying “Close the door”. It is also the first album of new material by Car Seat Headrest since Teens of Denial in 2016. It’s been four years in the making, and here’s why: Car Seat Headrest man Will Toledo recorded the album twice, with the help of his friend and drummer Andrew Katz. It was recorded once with guitars, bass and drums, then with synths. The two versions were then combined to produce the final album. If the results are as good as Teens of Denial then we’re in for a cracker!

Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy

Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo originally recorded Twin Fantasy as a nineteen year old, but it remained unfinished. Not because he didn’t want to finish it, but because didn’t know how to. Now, with his band in tow, the use of a proper studio, and most importantly, time, he’s managed to complete the album he always wanted to make. Painstakingly deconstructing and reconstructing, (8 months was spent mixing the drums!) Twin Fantasy serves as the perfect follow-up to 2016's Teens Of Denial. This time there’s been no interruption from Rik Ocasek either.

Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Car Seat Headrest is the project of a man (Will Toledo) who is only 23; and yet this is his thirteenth album under the name. With a production ethic like that you know Toledo isn’t messing around, and indeed Teens Of Denial goes straight for the jugular with slacker-punk swagger. And, as the first Car Seat Headrest album to be recorded in proper studio, it sounds great. On Matador.

Car Seat Headrest
Teens Of Style

Car Seat Headrest is the lo-fi indie rock project of Will Toledo, and although he has released before, this is his first full record with a whole band behind him. The extra beef behind the songs on Teens Of Style is very welcome, as are the extra touches (a little synth hovering here, a little counter-melody there) they bring. On Matador.

Wicketkeeper / Brunch / Hyperturf / Car Seat Headrest
The Quad Dub

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