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Minami Deutsch & Damo Suzuki
Live At Roadburn

At the 2018 edition of the mighty Roadburn festival in quaint little Tilburg, Minami Deutsch did a live collaboration with krautrock maestro and ex-Can man Damo Suzuki. Once they got going, they didn't stop. The sense of propulsion at the core of the show absolutely finds its way onto the recording and deep into your soul. On Fuzz Club.
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Minami Deutsch
With Dim Light

Here’s some spirited post-punkish, 60s psych-rock from Japan. Kyotaro Muila spearheaded Minami Deutsch in Tokyo in 2014, drawing together a bunch of minimal techno enthusiasts for the remaining instruments. This keenness for repetitive beats clearly informs the indulgent sections of these billowing tunes, but the songwriting is more elaborate and composed. The knitter’s nightmare of ‘Tangled Yarn’ is, unlike its title may suggest, deliriously relaxed and happy.

Minami Deutsch
Can’t Get There EP

More Motorik delights from Swedish Krautrock fiends Höga Nord here. This one’s come courtesy of Japanese psych-rockers Minami Deutsch and is an EP called Can’t Get There. It’s full of Can-ish slopes, all never-ending basslines and delay-drenched guitars. Remixes of Can’t Get There’s title track come courtesy of Mythologen (psychedelic techno) and Jamie Paton (Balearic freakbeat).

Minami Deutsch
Tunnel / New Pastoral Life

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Minami Deutsch
Minami Deutsch

Beware: krautrock is on its way back. And this time, it’s coming from Japan. None-to-subtly indicating their inclinations in their nomenclature, Minami Deutsch combine Japanese thoroughness with German thoroughness. The result is a hypnotically straightforward debut, with tireless drum(computer)s carrying distorted vocals and wavy bass lines.