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Moon B Vinyl, CD & tapes by Moon B at Norman Records

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Moon B

Composed on an iPad of all things, Moon B's new album Udaya promises to be a weird and wonderful trip through the worlds of lo-fi and downtempo electronic music. If lead single 'Udaya' is anything to go off, it promises to be full of acidic basslines, washy synth pads, and digital beats. Features a sample of professional charlatan J*rd*n P*t*rs*n for some reason.

Moon B

Repress of Moon B’s 2014 album II. Moon B is Los Angeles based producer Wes Gray’s leftfield electronic output project, and has a single focus - groove, solid solid groove. With a distant hazy cassette like production Dean Blunt would love II is filled with squealing and wobbling basslines, just low down funk.

Moon B

Fresh from his sometimes quaint, often funky and ever-so-lovely tape thing on 1080p (now a motion LP), Moon B preps -- that's what electronic people say, right? -- his first record on World Aurale, a label that actually belongs to him. Sounds nice, as always: a vintage IDM with beats that can adequately be described as "a smattering" and disparate sounds both pastoral and digital. Thanks to an ever-thoughtful production job, it sounds fuzzy and squeaky-clean at the same time, like he's gradually dusting away the fuzz.

Moon B
Life World

On vinyl for the first time, here we have Lifeworld from Moon B. Lifeworld is an electronic collection of funk, world and synth samples, mashed intricately into a groovy, ever changing album of fun tunes which blend genres and styles. For fans of similar electronic groove makers such as Max Graef, this is an album of many moods but always great fun.