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Dark Buddha Rising

The most oppressively heavy and overcast album of their thirteen-year career to date, Finnish psychedelic drone masters Dark Buddha Rising seem to plunge directly into the abyss they’ve hitherto been staring right at on ‘Mathreyata’. With four tracks of yawning doom metal chasms and mesmerising repetitions, this LP will surely boost the band’s cult-favourite status even further.

Dark Buddha Rising

For the latest LP from Finnish doom-metal crew Dark Buddha Rising, guitarist V. Ajomo states that the band “have done a full cycle of the orbit and now is the time for gravitational slingshot towards the new dimensions in sound, deliverance and vision". Quite. Anyway, II is sludgy, loping doom par excellence. Just one track per side, but so overwhelming are the two editions of ‘Mahathgata’ that you'd probably need a sit down if II had any more music on it. The second side was recorded at their underground practice space of Wastement, aka “the asylum of eternal feedback”.

Dark Buddha Rising

Dark Buddha Rising are exactly as metal as a record titled Inversum with that cover would be expected to be. Doom metal, to be more specific, with thick psychedelic lashings all over the place. Two side-long tracks see the Finnish band draw the listener deep into a repetitive void. CD or gatefold LP on Inversum.