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Albert Hammond Jr

Etchings, the new 10” from former Strokes Guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr. features two tracks from his new album Francis Trouble. The album, and the tracks here, deal with some heavy stuff as Albert Hammond Jr. explores the effects of having a stillborn twin brother on his life and work. Lim...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Francis Trouble

Albert Hammond Jr is not only the one from the Strokes but also is the offspring of Albert 'You Can Thank Your Lucky Stars' Hammond. He has quite the life being a wealthy contented man but he just can't stop the rock and therefore this is his fourth album away from the Strokes. Plus there's all those Strokes alb...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Momentary Masters

From Albert Hammond Junior - the chap from the Strokes - comes this jangly indie pop album titled Momentary Masters. Ten tracks which he thinks ‘are the best that he’s ever written’. Well, we’re not going to argue. Tight, fun guitar tracks - definitely harking back to early Strokes material. One for fans ...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.

The EP AHJ is an extended play by the American alternative rocker Albert Hammond. Jr. The EP comprises of five songs. The work, in a completely natural compos mentis manner, has reclaimed the scratchy fuelled sound the Strokes left behind. What Casablancus has built up with The Strokes, Albert Hammond Junior strips...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr is doing an indie rock thing on this here clear wax 7"on Rough Trade. 'GFC' is bordering slightly on the more commercial end of the indie spectrum. I don't remember these sounding like this. There's a big guitar solo for the dads. Fairly average and inoffensive to these ears....view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Como Te Llama?

Como Te Llama? is a very solid album, in my opinion and probably unknown to a few Strokes fans. Sure, it's not the best AHJ album, but it's a great addition to the collection. It feels more experimental and less polished than the first album, but there's a lot more variety and plenty of good songs. I would have loved to see where they were going...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.

Phil knows everything. I'm not kidding. He knows this weeks lottery numbers. He also knows that ALBERT HAMMOND Jr is some dude from The Strokes. I think it's him on the sleeve (Albert, not Phil) wearing a crisp pear of white jeans. I bet he just put them on to get the shot and then whipped them straight off. I defy any human man to...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Yours To Keep

I thought this was an excellent album. I am a big Strokes fan, but don't expect Strokes songs. Hammond Jr. goes out in a completely different direction than his efforts with the Strokes, and I feel he succeeded in Yours to Keep. It's a simple, melodic album, that isn't trying to prove anything. It's hard to explain what's good about it, just bec...view item »