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Dmitry Evgrafov

Russian post-classical artist Dmitry Evgrafov delivers his third album for FatCat’s 130701 subsidiary, and his fourth altogether. Surrender is the Muscovite’s most ambitious effort yet, expanding well beyond his regular range and embracing bass guitar and synth elements as well as an eight-piece string orchestra. 
  • Vinyl LP (LP13-41)

Dmitry Evgrafov
Comprehension Of Light

Moscovite Dmitry Evgrafov follows his 2015 debut 'Collage' with Comprehension Of Light, also on FatCat's neoclassical offshoot 130701. Richter, Jóhannsson and O’Halloran fans rejoice! For his 1st vinyl LP release, Dmitry upscales from electronics to real strings, courtesy Iskra Quartet. Buddies Abul Mogard and Benoît Pioulard are also present. Often recalling avant-garde film soundtracks, the album follows a through-line of redemption with spectral qualities. Includes download.
  • Vinyl LP (LP1327)

Dmitry Evgrafov

Dmitry Evragof joins the currently quite rich scene of young neo-classical piano-based composers with Collage. This record is pleasing on the ear, with Evragof using his compositional talents to build up sweeping orchestral movements around his stately piano. A grand record indeed, on FatCat sub-label 130701.
  • CD (CD1321)