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Laura Cannell & Polly Wright
Sing As The Crow Flies

Rural East Anglians and contemporary musicians Laura Cannell and Polly Wright have joined together for Sing As The Crow Flies, a suite designed as an orchard sound installation for the Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail, but also available here in CD edition. Words and voices performed and recorded in an ancient church, drawing on the deep roots of local history. On Brawl.

Laura Cannell
The Sky Untuned

Violins with alternative tunings? What ever next? The Sky Untuned by Laura Cannell uses violins alternative tunings and two recorders to make her minimalist fifth album. It was recorded live in a church in Norfolk. If you like Colin Stetson, Sarah Davachi, Sarah Neufield or Richard Dawson, among others, you should check this out. CD on Brawl Records.

Laura Cannell & André Bosman

On Reckonings, we get two experimental violinists for the price of one -- this is the debut album from Laura Cannell & André Bosman as a duo. The pair set about channeling medieval cultures and strange alien worlds; herein, ancient melodies co-mingle with the drone of re-imagined, long-asleep Saxons. The album was composed spontaneously and recorded in old churches, to capture the essence of their playing -- unrehearsed, unplanned, direct. Their recordings took place during all seasons with wind howling, torrential rain-showers, blazing sun and thawing snow all happening variously outside.

Laura Cannell
Hunter Huntress Hawker

Legendary avant-bard Laura Cannell continues her experiments in transposing the countryside, here offering sounds recorded by and soundtracking the Suffolk coast. The eleven tracks on Hunter Huntress Hawker were recorded in a dilapidated church on "a fast eroding cliff" -- her emotive medieval music shines through as if suggesting both the changes to the environment through time as well as its constancy.

Laura Cannell & Rhodri Davies
Feathered Swing Of The Raven

Laura Cannell and Rhodri Davies both excel at taking bold approaches to traditional instruments. Two recorders are played simultaneously; a harp is bowed. The results of their collaboration, presented for the first time on Feathered Swing Of The Raven, feel ancient and strikingly new all at once. Released on the Brawl label.
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Laura Cannell
Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth

Laura Cannell is a remarkable musician whose engagements with her native Norfolk and with medieval instrumental traditions continues to amaze. Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth is a set of one-take improvisations using violin and recorder, often played in unusual ways. Recorded in a church and released on Brawl.

Laura Cannell
Simultaneous Flight Movement

Laura Cannell is chiefly a violin player who has a dark swooping style that sounds like dark birds flying over a desolate beach. Indeed this album was recorded Southwold Lighthouse in Suffolk and consists of semi improvised pieces that veer from minimal chamber music to full on orchestral string-scapes.  

Laura Cannell
Beneath Swooping Talons

Laura Cannell has a sonic aesthetic that seems to come from the depths of ancient English time. She improvises pieces using, mostly, recorder and fiddle, and several of these pieces are presented on Beneath Swooping Talons. Deep and powerful work here, all the more so for being recorded in single takes. On Front & Follow.