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Fatima Yamaha Vinyl, CD & tapes by Fatima Yamaha at Norman Records

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Fatima Yamaha
What's A Girl To Do

Fatima Yamaha's "What's a Girl To Do" is an instantly recognisable earworm with its terse blinding light of a melody. The track, which slowly but sharply wades through simple keys and a weary drumbeat, was actually written by producer Bas Bron -- so, you know, yet another electronic dude using a woman's alias just because. Dekmantel now reissue the whole thing plus some other, equally chirply and synth-glistening tunes by Bas Bron.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL 027)
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Fatima Yamaha
Imaginary Lines

Fatima Yamaha has been happy enough to wait more than a decade between 2004’s very popular first release A Girl Between Two Worlds and an actual debut full-length album. Here it is now though! Imaginary Lines is a shiny realm of synth-melodies and driving pulses, assembled with skill worth waiting for. On Magnetron Music.

Burnt Friedman / Ectomorph / Juju & Jordash / Fatima Yamaha
Dekmantel 10 Years 05

Record label anniversaries do provide the perfect opportunity to look backwards to past favourites and forwards to new activities all at once. Dekmantel’s 10 Years EP series is a great example, particularly part 5, which has excellent Dekmantel debuts from Burnt Friedman and Ectomorph and victorious returns from Fatima Yamaha and JuJu & Jordash. Four-track 12” EP
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  • Fatima Yamaha

Fatima Yamaha

Fatima Yamaha is just one of many aliases used by the Dutch producer Bas Bron. Araya is a big new track of his that he’s been flaunting at all the festivals this last year, now ready for public release. It’s an epic-finale-style synth number, supported on this 12” release by a track of beach-electro and a piano-led shuffler. 12” on Dekmantel.

Young Marco / Tom Trago / Fatima Yamaha

Young Marco’s popular 2015 track ‘The Best I Could Do (With What I Had)’ gets a 2017 re-press here on this Dekmantel / PATTA team-up release. Joining Marco on the wax are quality cuts from Tom Trago and Fatima Yamaha (aka Bas Bron), adding up to a trio of brooding peak hour jams. 12” on Dekmantel.

Fatima Yamaha
What's A Girl To Do (DJ Haus 4-4 Edit)

This release is identified as a ‘4-4 bootleg’ version of Fatima Yamaha’s decade-old What’s A Girl To Do. Whether the word ‘bootleg’ signifies dodginess is anyone’s guess, but DJ Haus has certainly souped the record up with some peak-hour club drums. Transparant red vinyl 12”, limited to just one copy per customer.