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Mike Donovan
How to Get Your Record Played in Shops

San Fran rocker and Sic Alps & Peacers lead singer Mike Donovan is in the mood for dishing out advice on his latest solo outing, How to Get Your Record Played in Shops. He’s often in a gentle, piano-led garage or rock & roll mode for this collection, with a lot of peace and a spot of love to offer. Listen and the title soon makes sense.

Introducing The Crimsmen

This all sounds like the kind of lo-fi damp basement fare that could have been projected out of the gut of someone like Neutral Milk Hotel. Gentle psych, acoustic laments and a dysfunctional recording process all add up to idiosyncratic and laconic lo-fi folk with nods to Syd Barrett and Robyn Hitchcock. 


Peacers, by Peacers, is the latest work of former Sic Alps man Mike Donovan. The Peacers sound maintains that psychy flavour, jamming in a low-key way. Production duties were taken on by Ty Segall, but for the most part this set stays away from crushing loudness and instead hops and skips around its tunes. On Drag City.