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Suzanne Kraft

Opening with the bright synth blasts of the self-titled opening track, the playfulness on Suzanne Kraft's (aka Diego Herrera) 3-track 'Slam' EP doesn't let up from there. The Amsterdam-based producer showcases his prowess in fusing frenetic beats and melody, while coating his work in a layer of crisp production.

SK U KNO (Suzanne Kraft)

Netherlands-based Suzanne Kraft (a bloke named Diego, by the way) previously spotted on pal Jonny Nash’s label Melody as Truth label and now on No 'Label' with another LP. U KNO reproduces material performed live last year, ranging all sorts from woozy interludes and ambient dreamscapes to rather blazed ‘n’ wonky sampletronica.
  • Vinyl LP (RHD-033U KNO)
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SK U KNO (Suzanne Kraft)

Absolutely killer three-track from Suzanne Kraft’s SK U KNO alter-ego here. NUMERO U KNO kicks off with the barnstorming ‘Shopbeat’, a track that sounds like a first-wave grime instrumental cross-bred with something by Special Request. Expect the thing to tear the roof off the club when it gets dropped. RAMZi drops by to help out with the wistful deep house jam ‘Founded (SK Mix)’, and NUMERO U KNO closes out with the humid, D Tiffany-style cut ‘Accelerate Me Wildly (Middlesex Edit)’. Wicked.
  • Vinyl 12" (RHD-036U KNO2)
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MATstudio (Jonny Nash & SK U KNO)
MATstudio 2

MATStudio 2 is, as the title suggests, the second release by Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft. Like the first installment of what is turning into a series, the two tracks here are assembled from bits of experiments, improvisations and happy accidents whilst at work in their Amsterdam studio. 12" on Melody As Truth.

Melody As Truth (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)
Framed Space: Selected works 2014-2017

Melody As Truth AKA Amsterdam based producers Jonny Nash (not the I Can See Clearly Now guy!) and Suzanne Kraft (AKA Diego Herrera) have had their first three years work on the Melody As Truth label collected together as Framed Space: Selected Works 2014-2017. Disc one features Nash, disc two features Herrera, although they have shared, and continue to share ideas. This 2CD set shows where their project started and where it’s heading.

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft
Passive Agressive

The debut album-length collaboration of Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft is Passive Aggressive, and its a sweet and subtle suite of melodic ambience, composed with software synths, piano and guitar. Everything feels very clean and calming, with gentle traces of sleepy jazz lapping at the edges. Passive Aggressive is released on Nash’s own label, Melody As Truth.

OV / Diego
Perc Song (Chords) / Crack

OV and Diego (aka Suzanne Kraft / Dude Energy) take one 12” side each for this compelling Future Times release. Both cuts are jumpy and a little less usual. Perc Song (Chords) ducks and weaves around its main motif, and is rich in synthetic flavours. Crack is a soft drum-pummel with melancholy synth-lines that’ll reach into your soul. A very strong pairing.

Suzanne Kraft
Talk From Home

Word on the street is that Suzanne Kraft is actually an alias for one Diego Herrera, the intent behind his choice of project name currently being unclear. Talk From Home is a low-key, lo-fi sonic meander through melodic synth ambience, soft drum pads and subtle guitar, cooking up a comfortable brew. On Melody As Truth.

Young Marco / Suzanne Kraft / Tom Trago
Dekmantel 10 Years 06

Dekmantel’s epic tenth birthday celebrations (a series of ten EPs of new material from label favourites old and new) continues with Dekmantel 10 Years 06, which gives us tracks from Young Marco, Tom Trago and Suzanne Kraft, all of whom seem to be working with a summery house vibe. 12” on Dekmantel.
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  • Suzanne Kraft

Suzanne Kraft
What You Get For Being Young

Los Angeles based producer Suzanne Kraft returns to the Melody As Truth imprint for her third full length release. Beautifully dynamic, skeletal ambient electronic pieces that play out like water drips in a chrome cavern. Think of an ambient album by Actress with the minimalism of Inga Copeland and Holly Herndon  

Jonny Nash / Suzanne Kraft

Split 7” with two different takings on ambient electronica. Jonny Nash plucks his guitar in such a way I could imagine it being prescribed or labelled “do not operate heavy machinery…”, Suzanne Kraft is equally sublime, and sounds almost Lynchian, Not so much twisted, but setting a completely new landscape for you.
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  • Suzanne Kraft