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Nap Eyes
Thought Rock Fish Scale

Nap Eyes’ previous release Whine of the Mystics was quite a brooding melancholic affair, with their follow up Thought Rock Fish Scale they have opened the windows a bit, and there is an air of romanticism to their brand of indie pop. Recorded straight to a 4-track in single takes - no overdubs to be found here, there is a pleasant sense of emergency to it.  For fans of Lou Reed, The Clean, The Go-Betweens, Bedhead. Comes with download code.
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Nap Eyes
Snapshot Of A Beginner

Nap Eyes’ fourth studio album Snapshot of a Beginner sees the Canadian indie-rockers growing ever more comfortable with and confident in their sound. Although still centered around frontman Nigel Chapman’s freewheeling jamming sessions, on this occasion the band went into The National’s studio in New York state to put the loose song structures in place before most of the creativity started. 
  • CD (JAG361CD)

Nap Eyes
Whine of the Mystic

‘Whine of the Mystic’ is the first full-length album from Nap Eyes, recorded live, straight to tape with no effects or overdubs. This recording style complements the ethos of the playing which is confidently economical in a way that reminds me of the instantly addictive bass lines of Kim Deal. For fans of The Clean, The Verlaines or The Go-Betweens.
  • CD (POB020CD)

Nap Eyes
I'm Bad Now

Literally all members of this band come from Nova Scotia. One of them writes the songs in rural Halifax whilst the other two transcribe and arrange his ideas to produce allusive and ambitious music. Bit of Lou Reed here, bit of the Wave Pictures there.... you know the sort of thing. One of them is called Nigel. 
  • Vinyl LP (JAG318LP)
  • CD (JAG318CD)