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Mammoth Penguins
There Is No Fight We Can’t Both Win

Indie pop and power aren’t words you usually find in the same sentence when describing a band, but when describing Mammoth Penguins you do. Sure enough, Emma Kupa’s vocals and guitar fit the indie-pop aesthetic, but the power generated by her rhythm section means that altogether they create quite a racket. There Is No Fight We Both Can't Win is their new album. LP and CD on Fika.

Mammoth Penguins and Friends
John Doe

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Mammoth Penguins
Hide and Seek

‘Hide And Seek’ is the debut album from indie rock/pop outfit Mammoth Penguins, the new band fronted by Emma Kupa (Standard Fare). Having switched from bass/vocals in Standard Fare to lead guitar in Mammoth Penguins, Kupa has given herself more room to maneuver and expand the dimensions of her trademark, powerhouse vocals and Weezer esque songwriting skills to include catchy, melodic guitar hooks and occasional, flourishing guitar solo.

Mammoth Penguins
Propped Up / Thinking Of You

The first single from debut album Hide And Seek, Propped Up sees Cambridge indie-pop three-piece Mammoth Penguins embrace the punk style of The Slits with the pop songwriting sensibilities of Superchunk. Big choruses for small, sweaty stages. Altogether now! Out on limited blue vinyl 7" on Fortuna POP!