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Elika Vinyl, CD & tapes by Elika at Norman Records

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The sophomore record from Brain Wenckebach’s MIS+RESS project arrives courtesy of Sound In Silence (yndi halda, The Gentleman Losers). As it was with 2017’s eponymous LP, Dispellers is a collection of delicate and delightful compositions. This is ambient music that pulls from several of the style’s sub-genres - foggy drones, squiggly electronica and post-rockish loops all crop up across the album. As is always the case with a Sound In Silence release, Dispellers is beautifully packaged.
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  • Elika

Girls, Be Serious (three of three)

Girls, Be Serious (Two Of Three) is a fresh missive from atmospheric group Elika. The feel of the sound is that everything has a little cloud of reverb around it, meaning that only the drum machine feels like it can be held onto. This is no bad thing: the vocals, synths and guitars swirl together into a pleasing sonic mass. On Saint Marie.

Snuggle Bunnies

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