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Sheer Mag
A Distant Call

Now this? THIS! This, is album artwork. The sort of artwork that all but guarantees I'll like an album before I'd heard it. And the music? On 'A Distant Call' Sheer Mag have created 10 tracks of unashamedly political heavy power-pop. It's got riffs AND it makes the argument for socialism. What more could you want?

Sheer Mag
Need To Feel Your Love

Sheer Mag’s debut full-length album has arrived. Need To Feel Your Love is dressed in the guitars, production and sleeve design of a bunch of vintage 70’s rockers (just look at that band logo!), but with a thoroughly modern anti-bullshit approach and a garage-punkish twist to the vocals. Out on Static Shock Records.

Sheer Mag

The songs from Sheer Mag’s first three 7” singles are what you will find on the simply titled Compilation, all recorded DIY-style in whatever little corners were available at the time. You can really hear the band grow into their sound as the 7”s were originally released between 2014 and 2016. Vinyl LP release on Static Shock Records.

Sheer Mag

New business from Sheer Mag, a tight little set of 4 tracks. III is lo-fi indie-rock with lead guitar flavours that come straight from the 70’s glory days. Plus some gorgeous pop melodies, unabashedly showing themselves off. A very appealing package, released by Static Shock Records on 7” vinyl.

Sheer Mag

It’s like the last thirty years didn’t happen - in the best possible way. Sheer Mag channel the likes of The Cars, retaining an uncompromising commitment to power pop in all its ‘fist in the air’ glory. Dust off your leather jacket, it’s that time again. Out on vinyl 7” from Static Shock Records.

Sheer Mag
I // II

Sheer Mag appear to pull off the difficult feat of resurrecting most of the sound of 1970’s rockers without producing a carbon copy or being altogether redundant. It might well be the lo-fi production tactics and the pop-style vocals. This CD contains their first two EPs, giving it the graphically striking title of I // II. On Static Shock Records.