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Bell Witch Vinyl, CD & tapes by Bell Witch at Norman Records

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Bell Witch

San Fran label The Flenser have a good ear for the heavy stuff. They’ve dropped many tomes of high-quality metal over the past few years, and their roster boasts releases from Have A Nice Life, Botanist and Deafheaven. However, few of their near-one-hundred records come close to matching Bell Witch’s 2012 LP Longing for sheer darkness. One of the reason the bass-and-drums duo have such a rich seam of black running their music is their ability to contrast thick-as-treacle doom with passages of eerie Pagan choral harmony.

Bell Witch
Demo 2011

Demo 2011 was the first available release from doom crew Bell Witch, and it went down very well with the community. For a demo, it has a very thick and developed sound, and is feature length (37 minutes) in size too; so it is well deserving of this vinyl reissue of 600 copies, with  updated sleeve design on The Flenser label.

Bell Witch
Mirror Reaper

Cataclysmic doom duo Bell Witch manage to make a slow racket as immense as the artwork draped over their records, their set-up of drums and bass guitar somehow sounding off louder than most bands of their ilk. Mirror Reaper is an unwavering behemoth, spanning eighty-three minutes over one single song. RIP to the excellent Adrian Guerra who used to drum for the band.  

Bell Witch
Four Phantoms

Bell Witch are a doom metal duo from Seattle who make their doom sound with just bass, drums and vocals. Their new album, Four Phantoms is the follow-up to 2012’s Longing, which was regarded as one of the year's best doom albums. It is thought that Four Phantoms, which is both crushing and moving, will be even better.