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Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper

Nice to see interpretations of the work of Philip Glass still finding new and innovative ways of using his surname in the title. This latest offering sees pianist Bruce Brubaker and scientist come musician (sort of the opposite of Brian Cox then) Max Cooper collaborate on further expressions of the music of the Glass man. It melds a grand piano with cutting edge electronica and was originally commissioned for Paris Philharmonie 2019. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (IF1059LP)
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Bruce Brubaker
Glass Piano

I was hoping for a special piano made out of glass when I saw the title of this release, but recordings of Philip Glass’ solo piano works by Bruce Brubaker will do nicely enough. Brubaker certainly knows his way around these pieces, and the selection includes Glass’ ‘Metamorphosis’ Suite. Glass Piano is on InFine.
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  • Bruce Brubaker