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Caterina Barbieri / Eleh

Important Records (Coil, Xiu Xiu) are dropping two Caterina Barbieri records on the same day. Concurrently with her new LP Born Again In The Voltage we also get this split album alongside Important mainstay Eleh. Both of them contribute a side to ...view item »

Eleh / Christina Kubisch

Thrilling vinyl split between Christina Kubisch, master harnesser of the electromagnetic field, and the person or persons known only as Eleh, champion of modern minimalist synth. Kubisch interprets the cultural legacy of Nikola Tesla for her side, composing with myriad electromagnetic signals sourced from modern...view item »

Home Age

More ultra-refined minimal synthesis from Eleh in a deluxe edition on Important Records. Created using Serge STS synthesisers, these three new works explore the notion of potential musical meanings (such as perceptions of musical tonality and rhythm) from non-musical sources. Whether a surface-level aesthetic work, a study of th...view item »

Radiant Intervals I

This is the only Eleh recording I own, I bought the original vinyl issue, mainly for the stunning sleeve art, then listened to it one night when I was feeling exceptionally peaceful, the autumn breeze bristling through my window, lights on low, eyes cl...view item »

Eleh / Tara Jane O'Neil

In tribute to Sonambient pioneer Harry Bertoia, here is a split LP between Eleh and Tara Jane O’Neil. O’Neil used recordings from Bertoia’s own sculptures and from an Athanasius Kircher instrument for her piece, while ...view item »


A rather delicious reissue here from committed electronic minimalist Eleh. Homage gathers up the (out of print) trilogy of Homage to the… records into a triple LP or triple CD boxset, lavishly restored with sleek mini-sleeves for each part. Remarkably powerful works given how stripped their pallette is. ...view item »

Retreat, Return, Repose

A much needed CD issue of this trilogy, previously only available on vinyl direct from the label and now somewhat collectable. The audio has been remastered especially for the digital version.  To be perfectly honest the vinyl pressings sound like shit. The best move would be to save yourself some dosh and get the audio sounding clean and c...view item »

For Moussavi Atrium

ELEH walks into a bar and asks for a pint of beer, the barman scowls at him and refuses. When pressed as to why, he says "I don't like your tone." Meanwhile a drunk in the corner tries to start a chant of "ELEH, give us a wave"...probably a sine it's time to leave.   Yup, here's another tonal meditation from extrem...view item »

Eleh / Duane Pitre

This LP came out a couple of months ago but hardly any made it to shops which is very frustrating for all you folks who pre-ordered it. Sorry about that guys but it was out of our hands. Important have repressed it as there was...view item »

Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis

Finally this brilliant series of releases sees light of day on CD, remastered specifically for the digital format. The trilogy began back in 2006 with the second volume arriving the following year and the third in 2008. The records were limited and have never been re-pressed and are highly...view item »

Location Momentum

Okay I confess… I've been having a secret love affair since 2006…When my Wife leaves the house I play my Eleh records LOUD. When she's asleep I listen on my headphones. I've found both listening methods have different effects on me. High volume is more of a physical experience while the use of high quality headphones is a more internal s...view item »

Repose (Circle Two: Coastal Rotation For Dune Loop)

I was rifling through my record collection trying to trim it down (got far too many records) and I was amazed that I had 7 Eleh album's. I had no idea. I reckon they're breeding... Anyway Repose (Circle Two: Coastal Rotation For Dune Loop) is their 14th (I think) album and it's certainly different to their early releases which were largely just ...view item »

Eleh/Nana April June
Observations & Momentum

Is Eleh a person or are Eleh people? I genuinely don't know but I kind of like the idea of various people squabbling over which particular note they'll be using for their new release. As ever you're in droney minimalist territory, with interest added by the fluctuation of the very purest of tones, but I think Observations and Momentum sees th...view item »

Homage To The Square Wave

Anyone familiar with the mysterious Important Records artist Eleh is in for buzz with the 'Homage To The Square Wave' Ltd numbered LP on US label Taiga. Eleh's previous work has been a tribute to early minimalists while here he/she/ they? pay homage to the pure sound its self and the beauty that lies within pure physics, the waveform and the v...view item »