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I-LP-O IN DUB Vinyl, CD & tapes by I-LP-O IN DUB at Norman Records

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He’s half of reputable and influential Finnish electronic agitators Pan Sonic, the other half being the late Mika Vainio. He’s the Finno- bit in Finno-German duo Angel, the -German bit being Dirk “Schneider™” Dresselhaus. They call him Ilpo Väisänen. He especially likes Viennese labels (such as Editions Mego and Kvitnu). This new one for Editions Mego recalls and commemorates Pan Sonic with Väisänen’s own contemporary flair and style - industrial, dub and club in a minimal form quite unlike anything else.
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I-LP-O In Dub
Capital Dub, Chapter 1

Finnish experimentalist Ilpo Väisänen, one half of Pan Sonic and Angel, is somewhat a feature of the Mego family, returning to the label with his follow up full length for Communist Dub. A similar approach can be felt, deconstructed dubby electronics that break and mangle until they become individual noises, falling in and out of form. Basing these compositions on economic crises and the instability of capitalism, obviously.

Communist Dub

The artist name I-LP-O In Dub is actually just a convoluted way of saying that this is the work of Ilpo Väisänen of Pan Sonic, working in an especially dub-organised framework. Communist Dub strips out certain frequencies altogether and lands others in pools of reverb: so far so dub, but when the sounds are as abstract as this, that makes for a (happily) disorientating listen.