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Dirty Fences
Goodbye Love

Dirty Fences hail from Brooklyn. Goodbye Love is their third album. The band have created a sound of their own with chugging guitars and blissful harmonies, whilst not being scared to wear their punk and rock influences on their sleeves. Redd Kross, Dictators, MC5, Johnny Thunders, Ramones, Kiss and even Motley Crue have shaped this New York four-piece's musical stylings. The album also features a guest appearance from Christina Halladay of Sheer Mag.

Dirty Fences
Full Tramp

Dirty Fences are a band who are happy keeping it straightforward, Full Tramp being a 10 track blast-through of punk rock, with occasional glam-flairs. Coming out of Brooklyn but releasing on Nevada’s Slovenly Recordings, Dirty Fences are indeed dirty in sound and presentation. CD or LP, take yer pick.
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