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Art Of The Memory Palace
Dusk At Trellick Tower

New EP from Art Of The Memory Palace, here paying tribute to an icon of Brutalist modernism with Dusk at Trellick Tower. They do seem to primarily draw on the dystopian perspective of Erno Goldfinger’s building, but then that is a great fit when you have so many synths and processed tape loops to play with. Dark but fun, on Static Caravan.

Static Fruit

Fruits de Mer and Static Caravan are two boutique labels with long-term vision and a deep engagement with their chosen fields of music. Here they share wax for the first time, each putting forward two acts: Art Of The Memory Palace and Cheval Sombre from the Caravan, Jack Ellister and The Insektlife Cycle from the Fruits. 7” of Static Fruit!

Art Of The Memory Palace
Voiture Blanche Dans Le Noir

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Art of The Memory Palace
This Life is But A Passing Dream

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