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Sula Bassana Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

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Sula Bassana
Dark Days

Sula Bassana is the recording moniker of multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt. Schmidt is mostly known for Electric Moon but has also been involved with Zone Six, Krautzone, Liquid Visions, Psychedelic Monsterjam, Weltraumstaunen and Suedstern44. His long-awaited Sula Bassana album, Dark Days, is an embracing psychedelic soup of fuzz guitars, organ, synth and insistent rhythms. CD on Sulatron.
  • CD (ST12042)
  • Artist(s):
  • Sula Bassana

Sula Bassana

On Shipwrecked, Sula Bassana uses an impressive selection of vintage gear to produce a singular take on deutsche elektronische musik. For this CD on Sulatron he references the past with an eye on the future. Mastered by krautrock icon Eroc, this is heady stuff. The artwork’s epic science-fiction vista should be enough to let you know what you’re in for.  
  • CD (St16022)

Sula Bassana
Best Of

Double Cassette compilation of the Best Of Dave Schmidt’s Sula Bassana project. These tapes are stuffed to the gills with juicy noisy spacey electronic composition, showing off the full array of what Sula Bassana likes to do. Guaranteed to take you on at least one trip. Limited edition of 100 on the KinetiK label.

Sula Bassana
Organ Accumulator

Bangs, whirrs and everything else on display here. The decade-deep Krautrocker conjures John Carpenter, Neu!, Massive Attack and the rest on this set of slow burners. ‘Nebelschwaden’ sounds a bit like Vangelis. CD edition on Sulatron comes in a 100% recycled sleeve and features tracks from the previously-vinyl-only Disappear. The wax is splatter vinyl pressed in an edition of 500 copies on Deep Distance.
  • CD (St1702)

Sula Bassana
The Ape Regards His Tail – Original Soundtrack

Sula Bassana’s accompaniment to the sci-fi film The Ape Regards His Tail matches the movie’s rich minimalism with a suitably spacey suite of music scored for Mellotron, Organ, various synthesisers and various other instruments that allow Sula to weave the kind of deep sounds that the film’s monochrome desert requires. Released by Sulatron.
  • CD (St1705)

Zone Six
Forever Hugo

Here's an example of psych rock being fun. Zone Six are a long running improvised trance rock band that feature members of Electric Moon and Sula Bassana. This is a recording of the freaking the heck out at a venue “Graf Hugo“ in Feldkirch, Austria. The sort of amazing place that bands love to play and that councils want to turn into car parks. Pretend you were there by putting on the vinyl nice and loud and dancing around.  

Sula Bassana

Double vinyl LP, with 2 different coloured vinyl in each. Dave Schmidt’s (Electric Moon/Zone Six) solo venture of electronic psych rock. Some of these tracks wouldn’t be out of place in a John Carpenter film with gritty analog arpeggiators and solid bass lines which wouldn’t go amiss in Ghosts of Mars.  Highly limited to 500 copies.