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Jonny Nash Vinyl, CD & tapes by Jonny Nash at Norman Records

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Jonny Nash
Make A Wilderness

Jonny Nash has been going full ambient for some time now, but he really goes all in on this third solo album, Make A Wilderness. A slow pace, a mixture of distant synth swells, subtle strings, and glockenspiel etc. percussion make for a thoughtful and compelling suite. Make A Wilderness is released by Music From Memory.

MATstudio (Jonny Nash & SK U KNO)
MATstudio 2

MATStudio 2 is, as the title suggests, the second release by Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft. Like the first installment of what is turning into a series, the two tracks here are assembled from bits of experiments, improvisations and happy accidents whilst at work in their Amsterdam studio. 12" on Melody As Truth.

Melody As Truth (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)
Framed Space: Selected works 2014-2017

Melody As Truth AKA Amsterdam based producers Jonny Nash (not the I Can See Clearly Now guy!) and Suzanne Kraft (AKA Diego Herrera) have had their first three years work on the Melody As Truth label collected together as Framed Space: Selected Works 2014-2017. Disc one features Nash, disc two features Herrera, although they have shared, and continue to share ideas. This 2CD set shows where their project started and where it’s heading.

MATstudio (Jonny Nash & SK U KNO)
MATstudio 1

If you’ve enjoyed Jonny Nash’s recent third ‘proper’ album, you might also benefit from a listen to MATstudio 1, an in-studio Dutch collaboration with SK U KNO. This album launches a new series from the Melody As Truth label in which artists work together in the studio for a time and then distill the results onto a vinyl LP.

Jonny Nash / Lindsay Todd
Fauna Mapping

Jonny Nash (not to be confused with the I Can See Clearly Now guy) has recorded under the aliases Land of Light, Discossession, and Sombrero Galaxy, with Gaussian Curve and for the Melody is Truth label. Lindsay Todd aka House of Trapps records for Firecracker. Together they’ve made Fauna Mapping. It is an album of beautifully manipulated field recordings, painstakingly collected to hear every sound of island wildlife there is. LP on Island of The Gods.
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  • Jonny Nash

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft
Passive Agressive

The debut album-length collaboration of Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft is Passive Aggressive, and its a sweet and subtle suite of melodic ambience, composed with software synths, piano and guitar. Everything feels very clean and calming, with gentle traces of sleepy jazz lapping at the edges. Passive Aggressive is released on Nash’s own label, Melody As Truth.

Jonny Nash

Johnny Nash pulls out his piano, his guitar, and his beloved synthesisers for another exploration of imagined territories. Sparkly caves, pink seas and slow-swaying grass plains all come to mind when listening to Eden’s lush melodic textures. Beautiful stuff. Eden is released on Nash’s own Melody As Truth label.

Jonny Nash
Exit Strategies

With a slowed guitar that reminds us of a stripped-down Hammock, accompanied by ethereal July Skies-esque pads and another reverbed guitar, Jonny Nash lays down a guitar based soundscape unlike all of the above, or anybody else for that matter. Exit Strategies is dreamy as it is heavy, and rich as it is vivacious.

Jonny Nash / Suzanne Kraft

Split 7” with two different takings on ambient electronica. Jonny Nash plucks his guitar in such a way I could imagine it being prescribed or labelled “do not operate heavy machinery…”, Suzanne Kraft is equally sublime, and sounds almost Lynchian, Not so much twisted, but setting a completely new landscape for you.
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  • Jonny Nash