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Autobiography (Music from Wayne McGregor's Autobiography)

Jlin continues her ascension into the pantheon of all-time greats with her score for Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography. It’s typically fervid work from the Gary, Indiana producer. The poise of her high-art, post-footwork style is even sharper than usual here. One can only imagine how riveting these pieces would be when wed to McGregor’s choreography, but the music alone will do just fine.

Free Fall EP

Following up her astounding, critic-wowing footwork opus Dark Energy from last year, Gary, Indiana resident Jlin deploys the Free Fall EP. Over the 4 tracks, she displays new directions and re-cut takes on older forms, all of it brimming with energy and atypical rhythms. ‘BuZilla’ is a re-versioning of an RP Boo track. 12” on Planet Mu.

Dark Energy

Hailing from the humorously named Gary, Indiana, Jlin evidently picks up on the vibrations of nearby Chicago. The chunky staccato rhythms of Dark Energy form an intense canvas for this footwork aficionado to sprinkle with peppered melancholia. Features guest vocals from Holly Herndon. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Planet Mu.

Dark Lotus

Two exciting new tracks from amazing footwork-plus producer Jlin. Dark Lotus features the highly-processed guest vocals of Avril Stormy Unger and sampled djembe production, as well as the usual footwork hallmarks of stuttering rhythms, bass booms and flashing bleeps. Fiercely energetic and inventive music right here. 12” on Planet Mu.

Black Origami

Juke and footwork producer Jlin builds on her unique sound with her second full length for Planet Mu. Skittish and direct percussive trills come at you from all directions with feverish energy and underlying groove. Black Origami features collaborations with Holly Herndon, William Basinski, Fawkes and Dope Saint Jude.