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El FogVinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

El Fog
Reverberate Slowly

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8/10 according to our Phil on 16th March 2007

Also on the electronic tip is the new CD from the Moteer stable by EL FOG. I think these are Japanese but I have cock al info on 'em to substantiate this aside from what my battered memory can recall from a phone call. here we have a CD called Reverberate Slowly which is very minimal clicky electronica with a healthy dub thing…view full details.

El Fog
Rebuilding Vibes

2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

8/10 according to our Li'l Biz on 26th November 2009

I reckon analogue synths are probably my favourite musical sound but a close contender would be the mighty vibraphone. From Lionel Hampton to Tortoise/Mice Parade there are many fine examples of this instrument at work. El Fog a.k.a Berlin-based Japanese artist Masayoshi Fujita seems pretty keen on the instrument too as he's dedicated an entire pro…view full details.

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