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Life After Death

Rabit’s music is becoming more abstract with every release. Though he started out making souped-up grime bangers, the Houston producer’s recent output has bordered on musique concrete and sound art. This trend continues with new LP Life After Death, a set of electronic experiments in which we hear the ghosts of various southern hip-hop styles. Think IVVVO and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Cry Alone Die Alone

An absolute belter of a mixtape from Rabit on his own Halcyon Veil imprint. This is his tribute to one of his hometown influences; Houston cough syrup rap/hip-hop don DJ Screw, and has him blending, choppin' and screwin' some deep cuts into a blurry, smudged, opiated hazzzzze. Grab one while you can as these will fly.

Rabit + Riko Dan
Black Dragons / Ziro Remix

Though the life Glacial Sound was short, the label dropped some of the finest grime and grime-adjacent tracks of the 2010s. Their releases from artists like Murlo and Sharp Veins still cast long shadows over the ever-expanding world of weightless and instrumental 140, but perhaps their crowning achievement was this barnstorming collaboration between Rabit and Riko Dan. ‘Black Dragons’ will still destroy anything the comes within fifty feet of it in the dance. It's supported by a remix from Crazylegs fave Ziro and back on vinyl for the first time in a couple of years.

Les Fleurs Du Mal

Second album from producer of screwed-up sounding club / unclub musics Rabit. Les Fleurs Du Mal is a fierce suite of ferocious rhythms, noisy modular synth blasts and pulses, and all manner of digital detritus, woven together into strange wholes. You can certainly hear the declared Coil inspiration. LP on Halcyon Veil.

Basic Rhythm

Anthony J Hart AKA Imaginary Forces re-adopts his Basic Rhythm moniker for three tracks of apoplectic hardcore on Slewage. He mixes jungle, dark garage and dubstep to create some bin-troubling depths of sound. Slewage also includes a remix by US compatriot Rabit which tears it up even more. Limited edition of 300 on Type.


Houston producer Rabit has an electrically-fired approach to club sounds, throwing in a teeming soundscape of clicking audio detritus along with his hammering beats. Communion, his first full-length for Tri Angle, is not only the most developed his sound has been to date, but is also the most emotionally charged, fuelled by a mass of 2015-era issues.

Rabit & Chino Amobi
The Great Game

An exciting and unusual release from the duo of Rabit and Chino Amobi. The Great Game is a hyper-digital array of sound: flaring samples from all over the place, tight grime structures, and a computer voice reciting texts on geopolitical unrest. It’s a radically disorienting piece, highly recommended. Edition of 130 cassette tapes on Halcyon Veil.
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Houston dude Rabit produces a really mighty set of tracks for this 12” on Tri Angle Records. Nigh-on Industrial percussion mixes with gun-shots and other sounds of rhythmic chaos on ‘Bloody Eye’, a brief but immense track that sets the tone for the rest of Baptizm. Grime instrumentals from beyond the UK? Damn right.