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Danish lot Yung have been worshipping the mystery of the Geertruida label/band hotel/guitar shop/thing, and in return, they've pressed one of their rocking numbers to 7" vinyl disc, the cuties. It's a whirling, noisy racket that will put you into mosh mode in the first 20 seconds guaranteed or your money back ('definitely not' - Phil).

These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores

Young Danes Yung are a energetic indie rock group very keen on DIY aesthetics: the artwork and production of this EP was handled by the band themselves. These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores bounces along vigorously with a nicely overdriven guitar sound, sharp slices of feedback punctuating the songs here and there. 12” EP on Tough Love.

Alter EP

Debut international EP from Yung, a Danish four-piece melodic punk band. One for fans of the sensational Ty Segall, Jay Retard and definitely the Replacements. Six tracks on limited edition 12” vinyl. Yung are young, fresh and urgent, too fast to dance to and to slow to feel down to. Nobody cares is a pretty stand out track. Big things from Tough Love.
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A Youthful Dream

Though he is only young (A Youthful Dream is a fair title), it is nevertheless surprising that Mikkel Holm Silkjaer, main Yung man, has taken this long to produce a full-length album after the trail of DIY cassettes he’s left in his wake. It’s a well formed record, sounding properly produced but without losing the wild energy of the Yung. On Fat Possum.

Blanket / Burning Bodies

The sound of young Denmark here: Yung are fresh and new and enthusiastic, their first release only coming out this year. Blanket / Burning Bodies manages to hold in balance melody and comprehensible vocals with a properly punk sense of forward drive and aggression. 7” single on the Tough Love label.