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MOURN and Chastity

7" featuring collaborative track between MOURN and Chastity as well as a live take from each. MOURN are a Spanish punk band whose main influence is Throwing Muses. Canadian Chastity plays a lil' harder, reaching the distortion ridden, riff heavy end of punk. Together they go at it with full hearts. On Captured Tracks.

Sorpresa Familia

Captured Tracks have captured some more tracks (ahem) from Catalan outfit MOURN. Twelve febrile, jittery post-punk numbers here, with Sorpresa Familia set to please anyone who enjoyed last year’s live-wire Over The Wall EP. Manages to recall all of Good Throb, Pissed Jeans and Shopping, which is impressive. There’s also a song called ‘Bye, Imbecile!’.

Ha, Ha, He.

Mourn made a Pretty Damn Good debut record quite recently: their self-titled hit the proverbial shelves in 2014, and proved a confident and knowing garage rock record, one that could wink back at the classics while crafting new enough hooks. Now they're back, and apparently amused, with 'Ha, Ha, He.'; one assumes the hooks while be as short 'n' sweet as a quick lil' laugh.

Wear Black EP

Disorienting, discomforting and just, well, really far outside of what you’re used to. The Wear Black EP is a nightmarish trip, with kicks compressed and distorted almost beyond recognition, slowly evolving into something you can almost understand. Next time you go to a satanic rave, feel free to bring one of Mourn’s 250 tapes.


Mourn like the old-school punks, but, like, the good ones that we don't listen to enough: they cite the song-writing of PJ Harvey as an influence, as well as the lo-fi indie pop antics of Sebadoh. Their sound is fitting: Mourn has confrontation at all costs, and drives home its ideas through a flash-in-the-pan resilience and rawness.