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Gigi Masin Vinyl, CD & tapes by Gigi Masin at Norman Records

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Gigi Masin

Gigi Masin’s private press LP Wind gets a proper issuing thanks to The Bear On The Moon. Masin’s ambient songs drift on a bed of synths, in a way that plenty of obscurity-hunters have fallen for over the years. You could let it colour your room, or you could follow his songcraft: your choice. This reissue is remastered from the original tapes.
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Gigi Masin / Vakula / Roman Flügel
Dekmantel 10 Years 01

The only sensible way to celebrate a decade of putting out records is to… put out records! That’s what Dekmantel are doing: in fact, they are doing a series of ten EPs this year! This is the first edition, featuring exclusive and propulsive cuts from Gigi Masin, Roman Flügel and Vakula. Dekmantel 10 Years 01 is a 12” housed in colour-printed inner sleeve and glossy-printed outer sleeve.

Tempelhof / Gigi Masin

Tsuki is the second collaborative outing between Italian duo Tempelhof and composer Gigi Masin on Hell Yeah recordings. Both parties specialise in minimal and downbeat balearic electronica and Tsuki is prime example of their work together. Effortless and sun kissed synthesizers and rhythms that’ll lull you in.

Tempelhof / Gigi Masin

Sublimely low-key 80’s Italian Gigi Masin has been working with the Tempelhof for a while now. Hell Yeah Recordings are putting two of their recent works back into circulation, meaning that you can once more put 2014’s Hoshi onto your turntable. Mellow ambient stretches and downbeat Balearic vibes from a cross-generational collaboration.

Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2

Though best known for his work in This Heat and Camberwell Now, erstwhile sound explorer Charles Hayward has done plenty else in his time. For example, this 1989 split LP with Gigi Masin. The two musicians were tasked with devising music inspired by their local rivers, which led Masin into beautiful looping melodic ambience and Hayward into a sinister side-long drift piece. First time on vinyl for this rare release, out on Modern Classics.

Stefano Gentile | Gigi Masin
Il silenzio dei tuoi passi

Highly polished visual / audio collaboration between Stefano Gentile and Gigi Masin. This rather beautiful set comprises a luxury-printed 68-page hardcover book as well as a CD with 30 minutes of beautifully subtle new Gigi Masin music. Il silenzio dei tuoi passi is released in a limited edition of 480 copies on the 13 / silentes label.
  • Artist(s):
  • Gigi Masin

Gigi Masin / Micro Salvadori

Hazkara pairs the lyrics and written stories of Mirco Salvadori with the ambient music of Gigi Masin. Presented as a 48-page book encompassing a CD, the attractive set also includes images by artist associates including Stefano Gentile. Sit, listen and read all at once: all this was meant to go together. 250 copies only, on 13 / silentes.

Elia Perrone & Gigi Masin
Stella EP

On the Stella EP ambient pioneers Elia Perrone and Gigi Masin borrow from their roots in deep, luscious sound design and field recordings, but also add some glitchy processing and jazz textures into the mix. The always reliable Juju & Jordash get on the remix, with a hazy and organic techno rework.
  • Artist(s):
  • Gigi Masin

Gigi Masin, Alessandro Monti, Alessandro Pizzin
The Wind Collector / As Witness Our Hands

The Wind Collector / As Witness Our Hands is a collection of experimental electroacoustic musics recorded by the inventive trio of Gigi Masin, Alessandro Monti and Alessandro Pizzin operating in various solo, duo and trio configurations. After 35 years, this release on Diplodisc presents a full 28 tracks-worth of the sessions: the ‘definitive’ edition.
  • Artist(s):
  • Gigi Masin

Gigi Masin
Talk To The Sea

Nobody ever seems to have heard of Gigi Masin, so much respect due to Music From Memory for recovering so much material from his archive of unreleased sound. Talk To The Sea is full of curious minimal pieces, that loop vocal fragments and quiet electronics to form a quite beguiling whole. Deserves more recognition, no doubt.