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Sarah Davachi Vinyl, CD & tapes by Sarah Davachi at Norman Records

We're big phonies; we use the word drone to describe pretty much any piece of music that's still for more than five seconds at a time.┬áSarah Davachi, though? She embodies the word. A student of the piano and an expert of synths, her music does somet...read more »

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Sarah Davachi
Pale Bloom

New LP from the prolific Sarah Davachi here. Though the Californian composer may release records at an impressive clip (Pale Bloom is her third full-length in little over a year) the quality of Davachi’s output never dwindles. What changes is the means, and on Pale Bloom we find her reconnecting with her first love - the piano. These eerily blissful pieces of minimal drone are hypnotic in an Eliane Radigue kind of way.

Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma

Intemporel is an album of almost mythological grace. Between them Sarah Davachi and Ariel Kalma have created a work that bleeds beyond the world itself. Moving drones made from Tibetan bells and harmoniums that hint towards new age but somehow feel more substantial. A seamless collaboration. On Black Sweat Records.

Sarah Davachi
Gave In Rest

Proving it's both a marathon and a sprint, drone artist Sarah Davachi puts out yet another record. Hot off the heels of the impressive baroque tone poem Let Night Come On Bells End the Day, Davachi makes the hop to Ba Da Bing! for a record of lonely, isolationist ambient music that reflects the upheaval in her life. Principally a master and architect of synthesizers, Davachi's output has expanded into scores for a wide range of instrumentation, so we'll just wait and see how this likely-to-be opus turns out.

Sarah Davachi
Let Night Come On Bells End The Day

A match made in heaven is tone drone genius Sarah Davachi and weirdo label Recital Program. Having previously appeared on compilations put out by Sean McCann's imprint, Davachi now goes full-length with Let Night Come On Bells End the Day, here retreating from her instrumentally expansive All My Circles Run with a return to compositions on Mellotron and electronic organ. These glacial hymns will be well-known to fans; newcomers should come bliss out inside of them.

Sarah Davachi
All My Circles Run

The vast soundworld of Sarah Davachi expands a little further with All My Circles Run, her second LP of the year after the stunning modular portraits of Dominions. While that record continued to investigate Davachi's juxtaposition of straight-up tone drone and rippling, Radigue inspired movement, All My Circles Run sees her depart from modular synthesis for a record of instrumental experiments, with separate excursions taking place on strings, organ, piano and vocals. She's one of the best drone artists out there, both in practice and presentation, so dig on this, please.

Sarah Davachi

Vergers finds Sarah Davachi focusing on an EMS Synthi 100, coaxing long, pure, Radigue-esque tones out from it and then garnishing them with touches of violin and vocals. Space and scale are important parts of these compositions, which the listener can all to easily be fully absorbed into. Released by Important Records.

Sarah Davachi

Electroacoustic composer Sarah Davachi has undertaken her sophomore album Dominions in a more reserved way. Her debut, Barons Court was a much weightier affair in texture and tone. She recorded the album at her home in Vancouver using vintage synths and the beloved lo-fi sampler the Orchestron. Davachi’s talent as a composer seems to re-energise these old machines producing delicate and softer sounds.

Sarah Davachi
Barons Court

Sarah Davachi, musician and composer extraordinaire releases her debut album Barons Court, utilising her MFA in Electronic Music to bring you all sorts of weird, wonderful vintage and new synthesiser sounds.  More minimalist drone than full-on and including a variety of other instruments played by Davachi and others. Vinyl from Students of Decay.